NCLS Community Social Profile

Published: Wednesday, 03 September 2014

The National Church Life Survey (NCLS) research organisation has recently published a Community Social Profile for the area surrounding Ashburton Baptist. The information comes from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 census data. The profile is based on the 30,490 persons living within a 2km radius of ABC and examines six categories - Population structure; Education; Employment & income; Households & families; Housing; and Culture & religion.

NCLS AreaOver the coming weeks we will highlight segments of this report. This week we look at "What has changed between 2006 and 2011?" and "What are most people like?".

Comparing 2011 with 2006, the proportion of people in our community who 

  • have a university qualification is much higher
  • were born in a non-English speaking country is moderately higher
  • are living alone is moderately lower
  • are living in young families is moderately lower
  • who claim a Christian affiliation is moderately lower

Did you know the median age is 39 years old, households most commonly have two people residing in accommodation that is fully owned and have not moved house in the last five years. Click on the link to read more about "Most people are..."

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