Community Profile 3

Published: Wednesday, 17 September 2014

In the third of the series on the National Church Life Survey Community Social Profile, we look at “Culture and Religion” in the community within 2km of ABC.

Compared with other Australian regions, this community has a much higher proportion of people who were born in a non-English speaking country and a moderately lower proportion of people who claim a Christian affiliation.

About 71% of the local population were born in Australia, 7% in an English speaking country and 16% in a non-English speaking country (the figures don't total 100% because some people didn't answer this question in the census).

About 58% of the community claim a Christian affiliation, compared to 61% for Australia as a whole. 8% claim a non-Christian affiliation while 34% indicated no religious affiliation. The proportion claiming a Christian affiliation dropped from 62% to 58% between 2006 and 2011.


If you would like to read more then click on these links for "Language and Religion" and "Migration and Ancestry".