Study Guide - Welcome 3

Published: Friday, 26 February 2016

Study 3 - Spacious Welcome 

Welcoming the work of God in our lives has been the focus of our Lenten series. 

Recap from Last Week

 - Any more reflections from our second study—Welcoming those who don’t want to be welcomed?
 - How does the image of God as a gathering mother hen change your prayer?

Scriptures: Luke 13:1-9 (look at this paraphrase from Nathan Nettleton)

Disasters and the Judgement of God

In Luke 13:1-9 the story suggests disasters are not the punishment of God. We know that the love of God endures so what is it that does not last?

The fig tree

 - Grace and Judgement, manure or the axe…
 - How do we know the difference in our own lives? 
 - Can you think of an example of either?

Our calling in this story is to turn from unhelpful behaviours, habits and attitudes to ones that bring life. This is a life journey! 

 - What resources can we draw on to keep growing? 


The reading from Isaiah 55:1-9 offers us God’s extravagant hospitality.

 - What do you want to create space for?
 - What might you need to clear away in order to do this?
 - What do you need to give more time (grace) to?
 - In what area of your life would you like to be more disciplined?

Through the Coming Week

In your prayer life this week make this a prayer of confession.
 - I’m turning from …   towards the life giving welcoming God.