Resurrection People Study Series

Published: Wednesday, 06 April 2016

On Easter Sunday 27 March 2016 we commenced a series based on the Sunday Scriptures and sermons at ABC under the theme of ‘Resurrection People’.

Questions are provided each week and posted in ABC’s Friday Bulletin and on the ABC website. These resources are designed to be a format and stimulus for people wanting to study the passages in small study groups or to do individual study. Don’t feel you have to address all the questions in a group session. Begin by reading the Scripture passage slowly and meditatively, asking God to reveal important things for you to know and act upon. You may want to read and/or listen to the sermon appropriate to the week as it is posted on the ABC web site. Links to the Sermon Podcasts and Sermon Scripts.

Study 1 - The Recovery of Love - Keren McClelland

Study 2 - Finding Faith - Geoff Pound

Study 3 - Fishing, Feeding and Following - Geoff Pound

Study 4 - Psalm for All of Our Days - Geoff Pound

Study 5 - Living the dream - Keren McClelland

Study 6 - Purple People - Geoff Pound

Study 7 - Freedom - Geoff Pound

Study 8 - Pentecost People - Geoff Pound