ABC Down Through the Ages

Published: Friday, 24 January 2014

This year the Ashburton Baptist Church celebrates its 80th anniversary.

We’re looking back with gratitude on those who got us going in the 1930s.

As you think about the church:

What are the areas in which we have changed significantly?

In what areas have we stayed the same while styles have changed?

Think about these questions as you watch this video that depicts 100 years of fashion and dance moves in 100 seconds. This video, that has gone viral, helped to promote the opening of Europe’s largest mall, Westfield Stratford City in the UK.

How did the fashions change among the men and women who attended ABC from the thirties?

Did these different dance steps find expression among the members of ABC or is it enough to state that we’ve changed from a ‘No Dancing’ policy to a time when dancing is not an issue?

Hope you can be part of the celebration this year and share in the constructive change as we help create the future.

Geoff Pound