ABC Study Series: ‘People of the Way’

Published: Friday, 08 July 2016


Even before the followers of Jesus were called ‘Christians’, they were known as people of ‘the Way’ (Acts 9:2, 19:9; 19:23; 24:14; 24:22).

In Luke’s Gospel, the Way is also a dominant theme. Jesus is introduced with the call to ‘prepare the way of the Lord’ (Luke 3: 4-6). He is usually seen on the road, connecting with people on the way and ministering to them as he makes his way to the cross.

The followers of Jesus are called to be ‘People of the Way’, motivated by God’s Spirit and experiencing Christ working through them as they encounter others.

Notes for Personal and Group Study

In the next few weeks our sermon series at ABC will focus around the stories and the teachings in Luke’s Gospel. Study notes will be posted on the ABC website for individuals and small groups that wish to delve deeper and discover more resources for being ‘People of the Way’.

Geoff Pound, July 2016

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Study Eight - Division and Grumbling on the Way

Study Nine - Service on the Way

Study Ten - Listening on the Way