Cultivating Community through Gardening

Published: Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ashburton Garden PhotoYou’re Invited

Feel free to join a small group of people who are becoming a part of the Ashburton Community Garden (Markham Reserve).

This Monday 31 March 2014 at 2.30pm the group is attending an orientation at the garden run by Shau Teo (Craig Family Centre) so we understand the principles and practices of working in this garden.

There are plots that have been allotted and you can go anytime with your key.

The Vision

It’s about growing lettuce and tomatoes but because it’s a community garden it’s about striking friendships and propagating new relationships.

Do you have to be an expert gardener with green fingers to be involved?

No, in fact the greatest qualification we need is to be a learner and this is a great opportunity to learn about gardening.

To learn about people and to engage with people where they are planted.

Digging Deeper

Check out these introductory slides on the Ashburton Community Garden (private plots) and within this the Growing Together Project (community plots).

The Northcote Baptist Church has found that gardening is a great way to connect with people in their community. Check out their growing story.


Speak to Liz Jones or Geoff Pound if you’d like to share in the orientation next Monday afternoon or at some other occasion.

Geoff Pound