ABC 2017 Budget

Published: Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Ashburton Baptist Church Budget for 2017 was approved at the AGM on 20th November 2016.  A total income of $429,000 and expenditure of $425,000 is forecast in the budget.


  • The 2017 budget relies on a 12% increase ($37k) on the projected 2016 income and is a return to the level of giving in 2015. The increase is required to fund a Youth & Young Adults pastor.
  • We continue to encourage giving via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as this helps provide a consistent incoming cash flow. Giving via EFT currently represents about 55% of total giving.
  • Property income includes expected rental from Wellspring, 6A Y St and facilities usage.



  • The budget includes staffing of 15.5 days per week and assumes a new pastoral appointment at 4 days per week commencing in April 2017.
  • In line with 2016, a commitment of $18,000 is included for external mission.
  • Support is also provided to Wellspring and the Baptist Union of Victoria.
  • Other costs are in line with 2016 plus provision for CPI and other small increases.