ABC Revised Constitution

Published: Monday, 12 December 2016

Revised ConstitutionThe deacons have decided that it is time to review and update the church constitution. Click on the "Revised Constitution" button on the right to view it.

The current Ashburton Baptist Church constitution has been in place for more than forty years. It was last revised in 1991 by the addition of Annex A “Arrangements for Membership Applications other than by Adult Baptism”.

Since it was adopted there have been many changes to the way the church operates, the legislative environment (e.g. the need to be registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission”) and community expectations.

The Baptist Union of Victoria (BUV) encourages member churches to regularly review and update their constitution to enable compliance with current governance standards and expectations. To support churches in doing so, the BUV has published a model constitution.


Current Constitution In drafting a revised ABC constitution the following approach was adopted

  1. The revised ABC constitution is to be based on the BUV model constitution.
  2. The intent of the existing constitution is to be maintained wherever possible.
  3. Unnecessary clauses are to be removed. Examples include detailed procedural clauses and roles which are no longer relevant.

The following steps outline the process that has been followed to this point. 

  1. An initial draft constitution, based on BUV model, was prepared and reviewed by Geoff Pound, Christine Cuthbertson and David Fearn-Wannan in August 2016.
  2. Compare ConstitutionThe deacons reviewed the draft and provided feedback in their August meeting.
  3. A reference group consisting of two members (Deborah Patterson and James Anderson) and two deacons (David Fearn-Wannan and Christine Cuthbertson) reviewed and revised the draft in early September.
  4. The draft was reviewed again by the deacons in their September meeting.

The deacons would welcome your verbal or written feedback on the document. Early in 2017 there will be an opportunity for further discussion and feedback prior to preparation of a final version for formal adoption at a church meeting later in the year. Click on the buttons above to view the proposed constitution, the current constitution and a comparison of the two.