Global Interaction - Malawi

The Yawo people live throughout Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. There are over 2.5 million Yawo people who live in rural villages, working primarily as subsistence farmers. These people face daily challenges of poverty, including hunger, limited access to education and exposure to malaria, HIV/AIDS and a host of other preventable diseases.

We support Robyn Hughes who is a member of one of the cross-cultural teams living among the Yawo people. They are encouraging the growth of the small communities of followers of Jesus through mentoring and discipling emerging leaders. The teams join the leaders in praying for and working towards the multiplication of these groups into many faith communities.

The teams also seek to empower the Yawo people to lift themselves out of poverty through health and adult education. Teams are working diligently alongside their Yawo brothers and sisters to deepen their understanding of the culture, the Portuguese (in Mozambique) and Ciyawo languages, and facilitate translation of the Bible into Ciyawo so that the Yawo can read of God’s love and hope in their own language.