Man flying kite 600What is KITE?

A depression support ministry sponsored by ABC.

Who is it for? 

Any of the following:

  • Sufferers of depression
  • Carers (people who care for, or about) those who suffer from depression.
  • Professionals in fields that intersect with the treatment and / or support of, sufferers and / or carers of the / potentially / depressed.

Why does it matter that KITE is for anyone?

Because, depression can be stigmatizing.  Coming into a group for just ‘the depressed’ might be exposing oneself to discrimination by a wider community. 

If the group is for ‘anyone’, it provides an umbrella of anonymity.  If you have a diagnosis of clinical depression but don’t want anyone to know, there are potentially many other reasons you could be there.  Other causes of depression could include unemployment, loss of a loved one, retirement and loss of identity, prenatal depression, etc. 

Why are you there?  That’s your business to share, or not.

What do I do?  Do I have to talk?  Can I talk?

It is a small group format.  Some people talk, others listen.  We try to have a point of interest around which to start a conversation.  The format is evolving to suit the members as we go along.  We intend to have a speaker periodically, and advertise ahead when they are coming.  There is a mailing list and we try to recap the meetings for those who are unable to attend.

Past Speakers and Tool Box

Date, Time, Location.

Date: 1st Wed every month  - See ABC Calendar
Time 7:45pm – 9:15pm
Location: ABC Wellspring Resource Room

How do I join?

Contact Mischelle Hodge ( for more information, or to go on the mailing list. Or just show up, she will always be there.

What are our values?

Respect, trust, empathic listening, not advice giving.