10 Aug 2014 But deliver us from evil Geoff Pound
03 Aug 2014 Take a look in the mirror Geoff Pound
20 Jul 2014 Give us this day our daily bread Geoff Pound
13 Jul 2014 Your will be done on earth Lucy Johnson
06 July 2014 Your Kingdom Come Geoff Pound
29 Jun 2014 Hallowed be Thy name Lucy Johnson
22 Jun 2014 Our Father in Heaven Geoff Johnson
15 Jun 2014 Giving, Praying, Fasting Keren McClelland
08 Jun 2014 Pentecost Bruce Tudball
18 May 2014 The Cheek, the Load and the Shirt Keren McClelland
11 May 2014 You are the Salt of the Earth Geoff Pound
4 May 2014 You are the light of the world Lucy Johnson