Giving at ABC

We all want our church to use the money we give effectively and efficiently. But have you considered what is the most effective way for you to give? 

To make your regular contribution to ABC, even when you are away, contribute via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) OR
by using the dated offering envelopes available from the Stewards or Church Office.

Do you know that the church needs at least $1000 per day in offerings to maintain the programs and ministries we have in place?

How can we give regularly by Electronic Funds Transfer?

Set up the funds transfer via internet banking, or go to your local branch. You will need to decide

  • Amount to give
  • Frequency of giving (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Which account (savings, cheque, credit card)
  • Provide the bank the account details for ABC.
    A/C Name: Ashburton Baptist Church; BSB: 013 210; A/C Number: 0086 05880
    For tax-deductible gifts to ABCSI to support community service projects
    A/C Name: Ashburton Baptist Community Services Inc; BSB: 633 000; A/C number: 1425 19628