Caring & Connecting

Congregational Care

At Ashburton Baptist caring for each other is everyone’s calling. However, we also have a Congregational Care team who, together with our pastors, intentionally foster a sense of connection and care for everyone in the church community, and provide emotional, spiritual or practical support in response to specific needs.

If you would like to get in touch with the team,  contact us via the church office.

Prayers and Squares

Prayers and Squares combines prayer with the gift of a comforting quilt. As part of the international Prayers and Squares ministry, Ashburton Prayers and Squares, which started in 2008, has sewn over 650 quilts for people in our community and others who have asked for prayer.

Each quilt is a gift of love to people facing illness, surgery, bereavement or difficult family situations. Our quilts also celebrate and bless newborn babies and marriages in our church family.

The quilters pray as they design, cut and stitch. When the quilt is finished, extra threads are sewn into it, leaving the ends to be tied. During our Sunday worship service these threads are knotted by members of the congregation as they offer silent prayer for the recipient.  

To request a quilt please contact the church office. 

Coffee cup

Secret Men's Business

'Secret Men's Business', otherwise known as Men's Coffee and Chat, is on every Friday morning at 10am in E'Latté cafe, 204 High Street, Ashburton.

Numbers vary week by week but typically about 10–15 men gather to solve the world's problems. You are very welcome to join us. Either turn up on a Friday morning or contact the church office for more information.

Walking Group

The Walking Group provides an opportunity to explore the beauty of the world around us while walking and chatting with others from the community.

We aim to have an outing 2–3 times per year on a Saturday and we usually have between 10 and 25 people in the group. The walks are planned to be at a level that is comfortable for most people. They are usually 9–12km in length and steep climbs are avoided. 

We usually have lunch on the track and stop for a coffee somewhere on the way home.