Small Groups

small groups

There is a place in a small group for you. Small groups are a basic building block in the life of our church. Faith development and mutual care are the basis of each group. At Ashburton we have several groups of all ages levels and are always looking to expand these groups.

Home groups provide an opportunity to build relationships in a church community; to strengthen faith through prayer, biblical reflection and sharing experiences of living faith; and to provide care and support in times of need.

Groups currently meet at the following times:

 - Monday 8pm - 1st & 3rd week of each month
 - Tuesday 8pm - fortnightly
 - Tuesday 8pm - weekly during school terms
 - Wednesday 7pm - Youth fortnightly during school terms
 - Thursday 10:30am - weekly during school terms in Church Café & lounge
 - Sunday 12pm - VCE group fortnightly during school terms

If you would like to join a Small Group please contact Susan and James Anderson or the church office on 9885 8210.