Lawamena Incorporated is an independent organisation which strives to help orphans and refugee children in the war torn region of Ambon, Maluku (Indonesia). This organisation was formed in December 2000 and incorporated in 2002.

Lawamena seeks to provide an opportunity for children and orphans to have a proper education, to prevent a loss of opportunities. This generation of primary school aged children have witnessed killings and violence. Some may have killed to live. It is a  generation that lived in refugee camps with very basic shelter and they have stopped  going to school because their parents are no longer there with them or have lost their jobs thus no longer able to provide for their children’s education. These young children have the loss of a generation of high school age children who went to "war" and died. We should not allow this new, young generation to fade too.

Lawamena is currently working with two schools in the suburb of Karang Panjang in Ambon City: SD#29 (Primary) and SMP#1 (Junior High) and currently sponsors twelve children. We have students who have entered a number of senior high schools. Our desire is to expand our reach to additional children with similar needs. More information can be found at