Global Interaction - Silk Road

K people are strongly family oriented and are tightly connected to their communities. They are patient and resilient people, traditionally nomadic, living in a large country on the ancient Silk Road trade route between the Middle East and China.

K people are predominantly Muslim, while the wider population surrounding them practice Orthodox Christianity. Their Muslim faith is intertwined with traditional animistic beliefs relating to ancestors and shamanism. Although the number of believers is growing in the cities, still less than 1% of the population are Christian. They are grappling with transition into a globalised world and cultural differences make it difficult for K people to connect with Western or Orthodox style churches.

We support David and Eliza who are in a cross-cultural team engaged with local K people through involvement in rural community development projects and English language programs. They continue to explore new ways of working with local people to help them develop their full potential in a wholistic way. Teams are building relationships with K people, discipling new believers and working towards empowering faith communities within the cultural context.