Global Interaction - South East Asia

global partnershipsThe IB number around 600,000 people composed of several ethnic and linguistic groups that were once ruled by a single powerful leader. They are a vibrant and friendly people scattered across a group of small islands in close geographical proximity. They lack many opportunities for education and employment available to other groups. Their animistic beliefs remain influential in daily life, even though they have adopted Islam. Only a handful of the IB people are followers of Jesus and very few have had an opportunity to learn about Him.

We support a family who are members of a cross-cultural team ministering among poor, rural and fishing communities that make up 70% of the population as well as university students and influential and educated members of society. They seek to establish communities of faith by building intentional and genuine relationships with IB people where the message and love of Jesus can be shared. They have established an education foundation that provides the opportunity to meet educational needs in a variety of areas such as English, agriculture, IT and health care.