Prayers and Squares

prayers squares

Ashburton Prayers and Squares group 808 is a small group of women who came together in August 2008 to make a quilt as an expression of love and prayer for a member of the congregation who is in need. We are part of Prayers and Squares worldwide, which is an interfaith outreach ministry that combines the gift of prayer with the gift of a hand-tied quilt.

The quilts are made with three layers: A patchwork top, a layer of batting, and the backing with a cross [if so desired]. A heavy thread is used to tie the layers together, leaving the ends to be tied with a square knot.

The significance of prayer is that as the threads are knotted, silent prayer is offered up for the person who is to receive the quilt. This most often happens in the church where the quilt is displayed in the sanctuary, and the congregation is invited to tie a knot and pray. The prayer life of all those involved is encouraged and enhanced by this ministry.

The quilts have been requested for many reasons: those suffering an illness, sick babies and children, people facing surgery or difficult family situations, and terminally ill patients. Prayer quilts are a gift and the church community has supported the ministry in prayer and in donations of cotton fabric and money.

Our group meets each Wednesday afternoon at 'The Hive,' a purpose built room at the Hooper's home. We work as a team, combining our various skills, which cover all aspects of quilt making. All this is done with prayer, humour, and many cups of tea and coffee. To sponsor a quilt or for more information, please contact the church office.

See photos of some of our quilts.

Click here to go to the international Prayers and Squares website.