Mission Partners

We have always believed it is important to support mission beyond the local area. We do this through our partnerships with organisations both within Australia and the world beyond. As part of the Baptist family we provide financial and prayer support to families working with Baptist Mission Australia as well as other organisations with whom we have developed connections. Here are some of the ones we currently support.

Baptist Mission Australia – Silk Road 

We support D & E who are in a cross-cultural team engaged with the local K people in the Silk Road area. They lead rural community development projects and English language programs. They continue to explore new ways of working with local people to help them develop their full potential in a holistic way. Teams are building relationships with K people, discipling new believers and working towards empowering faith communities within the cultural context.

Silk road

Serve Trust  – Andhra Pradesh, India

Leena Lavanya leads a very extensive social and compassionate ministry in India that touches thousands of lives and has strong church support in Australia and the USA. Ashburton Baptist has continued to support many specific project ministries including elderly women in crisis, orphans who are HIV positive, students learning IT skills and people suffering from leprosy. Serve Trust Ministries are the result of the vision of Leena Lavanya in Andhra Pradesh, India. She is its inspiration and leader. Besides working in surrounding communities and helping start and support small communities of faith, Leena has established an AIDS hospice and two schools, both in very poor areas. She ministers to a colony of people suffering from leprosy, helps young women break the bond of prostitution by teaching them an alternative occupation, provides funding for teachers of illiterate children in slum villages, started a nursing home for old and abandoned widows -- and the list goes on. Leena and the Serve Trust organization serve the very poorest and neglected people in her community.

Serve Trust

Lawamena  – Ambon, Indonesia

Lawamena is an independent organisation which strives to help orphans and refugee children in the war torn region of Ambon, Maluku (Indonesia). This organisation was formed in December 2000 and incorporated in 2002. Lawamena seeks to provide an opportunity for children and orphans to have a proper education, to prevent a loss of opportunities. This generation of primary school aged children have witnessed killings and violence. Some may have killed to live. It is a generation that lived in refugee camps with very basic shelter and they have stopped going to school because their parents are no longer there with them or have lost their jobs thus no longer able to provide for their children’s education. These young children have experienced the loss of a generation of high school age children who went to "war" and died. We should not allow this new, young generation to fade too.


Common Grace  – Australia

Common Grace seeks to not only encourage followers of Jesus to act on issues of injustice, but also to provide them with tools and training so they have an effective voice in the public sphere. Inspired by Aboriginal Christian leaders, Common Grace is a movement of people coming together to pursue the justice, beauty and generosity we see lived out abundantly by Jesus, helping to positively transform Australian society.

Aboriginal Flag

Maranatha Health – Uganda

Maranatha Health is a not-for-profit organisation based in Australia and Uganda that aims to improve health outcomes, empower the poor, and make positive lasting change with the people of rural Uganda. The Maranatha team is passionate about making aid genuinely effective, and take a ‘for the people, by the people’ approach. The aim is to collaborate with local people, empowering them to first imagine and then create the change they want to see in their lives and communities. The work we support is focused on capacity building and community health and development initiatives, as well as the provision of exceptional, model health care for children.

Maranatha Health