Study Guide - Welcome 2

Published: Friday, 19 February 2016

21 February Welcome Studies


On 14 February we commenced a series based on the Sunday Scriptures and sermons at ABC under the theme of ‘Welcome’. This falls in the period leading up to Easter known as Lent.

You may want to read and/or listen to the sermon appropriate to the week as it is posted on the ABC web site. Links to the Sermon Podcasts and Sermon Scripts. Click here to download the study in pdf format.

Recap from Last Week

Any more reflections from our first study—Welcome the Stranger?

Any ways in which you have recently sensed God in the face of a stranger?

Any recent ways that you have welcomed a stranger and found your life to be enriched?

Study 2—Welcoming Those Who Don’t Want to be Welcomed

Scriptures: Luke 13: 31-35

Threatening News

In Luke 13:31 the Pharisees warn Jesus about a death threat from Herod.

Received any threatening news lately? How has this been affecting you?

What keeps you awake at night?

Maintaining Our Poise and Focus

Read Luke 13:32-33 in which Jesus sends a message back to the King.

What do we learn from the style of Jesus and his response, about how to deal with threatening news, how to keep our composure and how to maintain focus in what we are called to be and do?

Foxes, Chickens and Hens

What children’s stories come to mind that have to do with foxes, chickens and hens?

Any expressions, sayings or proverbs that come to mind about all or any of these three—foxes, chickens and hens?

In these stories and sayings, what are the features highlighted about




Images of God and Welcome

What are the most common titles of God that you use in your prayers?

What benefits might come to you from adopting some fresh, new titles and understandings about God?

In Luke 13:34 Jesus uses the image of desiring to gather “…as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing.”

What does this fresh yet familiar image say to you about God?

What does this image say to you about how we might welcome people?

“And you were not willing.” How might this expression and insight help us in a current situation about which we are feeling powerless?

Through the Coming Week

Reflect on God, speak to God and listen to the God who is the gathering hen.