Study 5 - Welcome series

Published: Friday, 18 March 2016

13 March Welcome Studies


On 14 February we commenced a series based on the Sunday Scriptures and sermons at ABC under the theme of ‘Welcome’.

Questions are provided each week and posted in ABC’s Friday eBulletin and on the ABC web site. These resources are designed to be a format and stimulus for people wanting to study the passages in small study groups or to do individual study. Don’t feel you have to address all the questions in a group session. Begin by reading the Scripture passage slowly and meditatively, asking God to reveal important things for you to know and act upon.

You may want to read and/or listen to the sermon appropriate to the week as it is posted on the ABC web site. Links to the Sermon Podcasts and Sermon Scripts.

Study 5—The Generous Welcome

Scriptures: John 12: 1-8

For Starters

Reflect on a most pleasurable meal that you have had and tell about the key elements that made it so.

How have MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules and the host of other food reality shows influenced positively and negatively your practice of hospitality?

Dinners and Diners John 12: 1-2

What are some of the elements John identifies that shaped the atmosphere and ambience of the dinner experience at Bethany?

There’s Something about Mary John 12:3

What were the remarkable things about Mary’s action?

What might it mean for us today to follow Mary’s example?

Party Pooper John 12: 4-6

Share about a dinner you’ve attended that took a nosedive and was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

What was right and good about the question from Judas? (v5)

What was wrong and bad about the question from Judas? (v5)

What further insights do we glean from John’s later bracketed comments? (v6)

Where does the costly perfume versus the giving to the poor tension come to play at the moment in your work situation, some organization with which you’re associated or in your own thinking and practice?

Challenging and Confronting John 12: 7-8

What new insights do you learn from Christ’s rebuke to Judas?

Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner?

Turn aspects of the Bethany dinner report into prayers of thanks, confession, petition and dedication.

Food for Thought

When might it be a good time and occasion for you (personally) or you (as a group) to stage a special dinner?