Give it a go! - Study Guide

Published: Monday, 08 January 2018

Give it a Go!

This is a study for Small Groups based on Geoff Pound’s sermon (see the manuscript and listen to the podcast) delivered on 7 January at the Ashburton Baptist Church as a New Year message for 2018.

Introductory Icebreaker

Geoff mentions that ‘Give it a Go!’ was one of the strong messages he and his siblings received as children.

What was one of the strongest messages that you received in your home growing up?

Enlarge! Stretch Out! Lengthen! Strengthen!

The prophet Isaiah was urging new possibilities for his people when he said:

Enlarge the site of your tent,
    and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out;
do not hold back; lengthen your cords
    and strengthen your stakes.

-          Isaiah 54: 2

This isn’t a call to grab more land or build bigger barns but:

Extend your reach.

Stretch your imagination.

Be open to new possibilities of service.

Give it a go.

What might this mean for you this year?

That’s Inspirational!

Read over the story of William Carey’s life (in the sermon) and how the verse from Isaiah inspired him.

What do you find inspirational about this story?

Who inspires you to dream and reach towards new possibilities?

How does this person’s life inspire you?

Holding back

“I’m struck by Isaiah’s words, ‘Don’t hold back.’ We’re often much better at holding back than pushing forward. We prefer to stay where we are.”

What are the chief forces that want to keep us in the old year with old ways and old habits rather than propelling us into the new year on new adventures, calling on God for new faith and new power?

‘Choose Your Rut Carefully’

Where do you feel stuck in a rut?

How might the U2 formula (see sermon) apply to you of switching it up and trying new things to gain freshness and produce something beautiful?

Give it a Go by Starting Small

The Bible calls us not only to ‘give it a go’ but to start small.

It says:

“The one who is faithful in little things will be faithful in large ones.”

-          Luke 16:10

How in the past have you been surprised at what you could do when you’ve started small and developed confidence and capability?

What might it mean for you at this time to start small, develop some ability, get some runs on the board and then, gradually step it up?

Any new opportunities for service that you might tackle this year?

What if we give it a go and mess up? What if we fail?

Read the story about Adam Grant (in the sermon).

How has the prospect of failure held you back in the past?

How do you respond to Adam Grant’s action of sharing his stories of failure?

Where would it help if we were more willing to share our failures with others?

Encouraging Each Other

“What a challenge for us as a church community to encourage each other to step out and do something new and then to support one another when we mess up, when we fail, when we don’t pull things off to perfection.”

How can we grow to support one another, especially when we serve and fall on our faces?

Pray for One Another

That we might give it a go, overcome those forces that hold us back, break out of our ruts, dream, try things that are different and encourage one another, for Jesus’ sake.